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      James Burnett-Stuart trained at the Harrow Studio Pottery course and subsequently worked in London for some years making tableware.  During this time he exhibited at Chelsea Craft Fair and had solo shows at The Scottish Gallery, Egg, and Charleston Farmhouse.

      James now lives and works in Herefordshire, where he paints, draws and creates simple, earthy pots. On my way to see him, I was disarmed by the beauty of the countryside and on entering his workshop, I was immediately struck by the synergy of the border landscape and his work. His pots, with their sensuous curves and soft glazes, seem to be entirely at one with their surroundings.

      James works in red earthenware, which is slipped with a lighter clay and then glazed. The pots are thrown, then often manipulated by hand, creating gentle, undulating curves which are exceptionally tactile.   


      He prefers to work on small scale vessels which can be picked up and held. Drinking vessels, jugs, bowls and dishes form the mainstay of his collection - each piece is hand thrown and unique.  

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