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I spent a long time looking for a perfect blanket to hang on the side of a chair or lie at the end of a bed.  I have some beautiful old Welsh blankets which have passed through several generations and I longed to find proper blankets to hunker up in, which would stand the test of time.  When I came across Laura's Loom, on the borders of Cumbria, I knew that my search had ended.

Laura designs and weaves at Farfield Mill in Sedbergh, at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. Her work is entirely rooted in and inspired by the landscape. She has long standing, committed relationships with the surrounding farmers and weaves wool from native British breeds - Bluefaced Leicester, Hebridean and Wensleydale.  Laura oversees the entire process of making; collecting the fleece at the farm gate, sorting, washing, spinning and weaving, to ensure the very highest quality. The results of this labour of love, are award winning, limited edition, ethical textiles, a year in the making.




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